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MEYER VPA Franchising

If you’re looking for support for your business, we can help

Virtual Assistant
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Meyer VPA

If you run a growing business or want your business to grow, you are probably finding that there is just not enough time in the day to do it all, and as a result you are either working long hours, or delivering a service to your clients which is not as good as you would like it to be.

By delegating business critical support tasks and administrative work to us, you can focus your time on things that really matter, and those that you love doing.  We can help you to clear your to-do list or provide support on a regular basis.

We make the complex, simple

We can look after your business and personal affairs from a remote office – giving you more freedom and allowing you time to achieve your work and life goals.

When you are a business owner, there’s often so much to keep on top of that taking a break for even a few hours becomes impossible. And sometimes you become so blogged down in admin that you spend more time sending emails and making phone calls than getting on with the task you set out to do.

What you need is someone to add more hours to your day and more days to your week, and we can do just that for you.

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What we can help with

We offer support services on business or personal matters – or even both.  This, put simply, releases the strain and gives you more time in the day to concentrate on the things that matter!

If you are unsure of exactly what you need, how long it might take or have a set budget, please contact us and we can talk through the best way of providing the flexible support you need.

We can complete tasks for you either by the hour, as a package or on a retained basis – which you choose depends on what you need support with and how long you need to hire us for.

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